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Please Note:  This is a large and wide-ranging website, but basically it is an informational and educational website. Although we do have a good number of things for sale, from classical arts and crafts to airgun literature, airguns, and expert witness services - we do not now have a store or a staff. As noted in the "Very Personal Note" section of this website, Robert and Toshiko Beeman sold Beeman Precision Airguns Inc. on April 1, 1993. We are now in semi-retirement. We do not have any firearms for sale. Please double click on this: " A Very Personal Note",

NOTICE: We are always interested in buying old and antique airguns: one, a few, or collections of any size!!
 - and we need copies of old airgun magazines and magazine articles to aid in Robert's research efforts as senior author of the Blue Book of Airgun series (See our What's New Section)

A most interesting trip!. Mrs. Beeman and I were in a unique position during the growth of the adult airgun field in America. We were privileged to be deeply involved witnesses and participants virtually from the birth of this field to its present widespread popularity.  We have greatly enjoyed our decades of involvement with the international scene of airguns and are happy and proud to share our knowledge of the airgun market and field, the Beeman company's history, biographical information, and some of what we have learned about airguns. There is a new addition to this website's sections which have been reporting on our three decade search for the Lewis and Clark airgun.  Recently discovered  evidence seems to finally identify the .46 caliber repeating airgun - a true "assault rifle" - carried by Captains Lewis and Clark in 1803-06 on America's most important military expedition.

Many technical and popular articles by Robert Beeman are difficult to locate or access. Some of Robert Beeman's output as an "Airgunologist", such as the article on the field use of an airgun, which may have been considered "politically incorrect", are absent from the more recent Beeman catalogs. Hopefully, this website can make some such material more readily available and perhaps even to add to it. We also wish to share some information about the Beeman Airgun Collection (our private collection) and hope that readers will enjoy this material as well as perhaps helping us to better understand some of the vintage and antique airguns in that collection. For those who are seeking the paid services of an airgun consultant or an airgun expert witness, a formal curriculum vitae is provided.

Without apology, this website is a personal potpourri.  We have been including material on our history,  airgun history, airgun collecting, legal aspects of airguns, airgun literature, airgun parts, airgun design and development, ongoing reports on the Lewis and Clark airgun, etc. The Beemans pages reveal information about the Beemans themselves and their lives outside the airgun field. And, in the miscellaneous section you even will  find information about cleaning air guns with genetically modified bacteria, a eulogy to our favorite dogs (and news of new pups), and our own travel guide to Nürnberg and southern Germany. At various times, we will be offering a few to many vintage and antique airguns, airgun items, and airgun literature for sale. And, sometimes we'll share news about our current activities. Be especially sure to get some rare inside views from these three papers:    A Very Personal Note,  The Beemans section and  the "about Beeman" note in Tom Gaylord's introduction to the Odyssey to the Beeman R1 section. Some rare gems of some of the humorous side of airgun marketing are revealed in A Shot of Humor.

This website probably always will be in a state of change and development. Thus, although you will find a large amount of finished material, you also will find some sections that need additional editing, additional material, and more illustrations. We are now semi-retired, so the website will be updated or edited at very irregular intervals. This especially will  be true of our sales lists and "What's New" sections. And we may be gone, even out of the country, at various times. Be sure to check back every so often! And don't forget: We are always looking for specimens to add to the Beeman Airgun Collection. We wish to buy single specimens of vintage and antique airguns and old BB guns to entire  airgun collections- see the Airguns Wanted section. We hope that you enjoy our first attempt at putting some material on the world wide web!

Robert and Toshiko Beeman at "Stonehenge", a favorite rock outcropping on their California ranch.
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A Very Personal Note Key Item!




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The Beemans
        A Very Personal Note!


Robert's Art


Toshiko's Art


Bully Pulpit - Attack on America and is Global Warming our fault?


Birthday Greeting 


Eulogy to Two Best Friends - and welcome to two new friends.

bullet A Shot of Humor!  some of the lighter moments of the airgun business! Priceless! NEW!

Biography - the Beeman Story & Development of the U.S. Adult Airgun Market - Key Item!


bullet What's New?

           Robert and Tosh donate the Beeman Girandoni/Lewis airgun!
    Seventh Edition of Blue Book of Airguns has arrived!

           Top Show Award for Lewis and Clark Expedition Air Rifle! NEW!!
         Alarm about Airgun Injuries Among Youth! Adult Airguns in Danger

         Biggest Airgun Auction ever! -
          The Fred Liady Airgun Collection Joins the Beeman Collection!
           Airgun Illustrated Magazine arrives - 
and leaves!
bullet To Be or Not to Be? -Should there even be a Blue Book of Airguns?? What is a fair price for a used or old airgun??
bullet German Articles on the search for the Lewis & Clark Airgun and on the Beemans and the Beeman Collection
bulletLegal Attack on "Powerful" Airguns! -Could affect all airguns in America!
bullet The Blue Book of Airguns
bullet Europe Comes to America


                LEWIS AND CLARK AIRGUN:

                A. Proceeding On to The Lewis and Clark Air Rifle III- The third installment of the ongoing reports
                    of our basic research on the matter of the Lewis &Clark airgun - begun in 1976 - 32 years ago!.

                B. Lewis Air Rifle - NEW Hard Evidence On the Lewis & Clark Airgun!

                C. Austrian Airguns - GIRANDONI  system airguns.
                   A preliminary report of our decades long study and collection of Girandoni-system airguns.
                   Further backup to the Lewis Air Rifle reports above.

               OTHER HISTORY:

                Boswell the Bearcub 
                Those Thrilling Days of Yesterday -
               -development of the U.S. Adult   Airgun Market. Newly updated.
American Rifleman on Beeman's
                Beeman's Predecessors?
                Adult Airguns In America (See also "Thrilling Days of Yesteryear")
                Odyssey of the Beeman R1 - it did NOT come from the HW 80!
                "Inside notes about Beeman" by Tom Gaylord.
Key Item.!
Bluebook Dedication to Beeman
                Airguns - USA

                A Shot of Humor! - some of the lighter moments of the airgun business!                 Priceless! NEW!
                Sale of Beeman Company - the 1993 sale, that is.
                Includes a note on recommendations of what airguns to buy now!

       Top Awards at Baltimore Antique Arms Show and St. Louis NRA
               Antique Arms Show  for Lewis Air Rifle.
bullet Lifetime Achievement Award - development of the adult airgun market in USA and a Biography of Robert Beeman.
bulletPublications -for purchase of publications please click on the For Sale & Wanted section listed below.
bullet Airgun Publications
bullet Airgun Publications of Robert Beeman - a partial list.
bullet Airgun Literature Review - the grand overview. YOU NEED THIS INFO!!! The Basic Key Item!
bullet Scientific Publications of Robert Beeman
bulletAirgunology 101
bullet Word Games "The Unmentionables!"
bullet 400 Years of Tradition
bullet Benjamins, Manhood, & Civilization
bullet How to Select an Airgun NEW: What is the most popular adult airgun in the world?
bullet Field Use of an Airgun - Airgun hunting
bulletAirgun Ballistics
bullet Airgun Silencers? - Airgun Sound Moderators - a hazard to your legal health! (for airguns and paintball guns). Must pay $200 tax IF your state will allow you to do so.
bullet Airguns and the Law 
bullet Airguns Protected from State Regulation! NEW!
bullet Pellet Specifications
bulletAirgun Projectiles
bullet "Safety" Devices- and statement to the Consumer Product Safety Commission
bullet Safety Record of Airguns
bulletCollection Protection - you have an obligation to history! With details on  derusting, gun photography, and shipping of airguns!.
bullet Rare Beeman Guns
bulletAirgun Collecting -
bullet The Collection -a peek into the Beeman Airgun Collection
bulletOutstanding, Doc!- a German gun editor's view of the Beemans and their airgun collection.
bullet Whence the Wind Blows -popular digest of the Beemans' early Lewis & Clark airgun research.  (See also: History section above!)
bullet For Sale & Wanted
           Airgun literature -
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bullet Beeman Collectibles
bullet Old Factory Parts
bullet 8 gm CO2 Cylinder Sources
bullet Airgun Links
bullet Expert Witness
bullet Miscellaneous
bullet Biotechnical Cleaning of Airguns -cleaning airguns with bacteria?
bullet A Shot of Humor!  some of the lighter moments of the airgun business! Priceless! NEW!
bullet Guide to Nuremberg and Germany
bullet Eulogy to Two Best Friends - and welcome to two new friends.
bulletContact Us - but please remember that we sold Beeman Precision Airguns in 1993 and we no longer have a staff, and we cannot be a chat line.