Partial Bibliography of the Scientific Papers by Dr. Robert D. Beeman.
Additional titles will be added as they are located in my files.


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1970d. The anatomy and functional morphology of the reproductive system in the opisthobranch mollusk Phyllaplysia taylori Dall, 1900. The Veliger, 13: 1-31. A tiny number of this large paper , very well illustrated with detailed drawings by Robert Beeman, are available for sale $7.95 postpaid.

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Brandriff, B.F., and R. D. Beeman
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Beeman, R.D., and Gary C. Williams.
1980. Opisthobranchia and Pulmonata. Chapter 14: pp. 308-354, 70 color plates. In: Intertidal Invertebrates of California. Edited by R/H. Morris, D. P. Abbott, and E.C. Haderlie. Stanford Press.
A tiny number of this big publication, a very useful field guide to nudibranchs and their relatives on the Pacific shores of North America with a huge set of wonderful color plates, are available for sale, $7.95 postpaid.

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