8 gram CO2 Cylinders – Where Can I get them??

Very old CO2 guns usually take the short 8 gram CO2 cylinders which were developed for “selzer bottle” chargers – devices which every bar and home bar had for putting carbon dioxide fizz in water for drinks. Almost all sporting goods stores stopped selling these decades ago – but you can often still find them at large liquor stores, bar supply stores, beer making supply stores, and some restaurant supply stores.

Note that some of the CO2 guns made about the 1970s had adapters allowing use of either the rare 8 gram or the common, cheaper 12 gram cylinders. Of course, if there isn’t room in the gun for the longer 12 gram cylinders then don’t bother looking for the adapter spacer.

Before we sold and retired from Beeman Precision Airguns in 1993, we always stocked some 8 gm CO2 cylinders for the convenience of our customers. Some airgun specialty stores still have them, but don’t expect to find them in 99% of sporting goods stores. Probably your best bet now is John Groenewold Airguns at jgairguns@direcway.com. He had them in packs of 10 for only $7.25 as of January 2005. His website is http://www.jgairguns.com .

These cylinders are also used in many stage effect devices so you could also try theater supply and magic stores. Here are some sources that were good as of 2005:




The stage supply houses charge about US$2.00 each plus shipping. Shipping may be very expensive if they ship them by special means as for shipping four foot long, dangerous cylinders of various compressed gases. Fortunately, these cylinders are actually rather harmless, as far as shipping danger, and most sellers send them by ordinary mail and shipping services.

Compare the cost of 8 gram CO2 cylinders against modern 12 gram CO2 cylinders available in every WalMart, etc. and you may find that you would be better off buying a new CO2 gun and selling your old one as an antique!

Courtesy of Robert Beeman.  For research use only; buyer assumes all liability. 23 Jan 2005