A good deal of information about Robert Beeman, and some on Toshiko Beeman, is available in Bill Bridgewater's article in the Lifetime Achievement section, in Tom Gaylord's introduction to Robert's article about the Beeman R1, in the American Rifleman on Beeman section, and in the other sections of this website. Please click on these blue high-lighted section titles to browse that information. And, please be sure to check the comments in A Very Personal Note.

Some generally unknown aspects of these two persons are revealed in the "Robert's Art" and in the "Toshiko's Art" sections. Click on these two blue high-lighted section titles to explore some of their activities outside of the airgun field. Some folks who are deeply involved with a given field become absorbed with it to the exclusion of most everything else. However, the problem with the Beemans never was to "get a life", but rather to try to keep up with themselves.