Mrs. Beeman and I are very proud of the awards that we and our firm earned over the years from our founding of the company to our sale to S/R Industries in 1993. We were very gratified to receive more of the shooting industry awards, during that period,  than any other company in the shooting industry! And thankful for the excellent help that we had in achieving each award; virtually no advance can be accomplished alone!

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1. Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert D. Beeman. Actually, this award was earned not just by Robert, but by the joint efforts and dedication of Robert and Toshiko. This is the shooting industry's highest award. Among the seven persons who have previously received this award are John Browning, William Ruger, Messrs. Smith & Wesson, and Roy Weatherby. Click the blue underlined title to read the copy by Bill Bridgewater about the award and the life history of Robert and Beeman Precision Airguns

Lifetime Achievement Award Plaque. Click on pic for better view.

Lifetime Achievement Cover Photo, click on pic for better view. A very few copies of this issue are available.

2. Development of the Beeman R1 Magnum Air Rifle. Conceived and styled by the Beemans; beautifully executed by the Weihrauchs.

3. Development of the Beeman P1 Air Pistol. Conceived and styled by the Beemans; beautifully executed by the Weihrauchs.

4. Development of the First Airgun Kit. The kit was Norica's response to a Beeman idea.

5. Role in the development of the first electronic trigger. Our contribution to this was in the marketing. Feinwerkbau developed the design.

6. Development of the Crow Magnum pellet and Crow Magnum air rifle. The Crow Magnum pellet was our development, stimulated by an idea from Tom Holzel, and finally executed in cooperation with Haendler and Natermann. The Crow Magnum rifle was our special variation of a rifle design developed by Theoben and then very successfully marketed by the Beeman company.

7. Shooting Industry Marketing Award for 1983. We are especially proud of this as only one company in the shooting industry is honored with this award in any one year.

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P.S. Statements by Tom Gaylord, noted airgun market authority and editor of Airgun Letter, and by Steve Fjestad, publisher of the Blue Book of Guns and Blue Book of Airguns and one of the leaders of the world's gun market, which we consider to be very real awards in themselves are available by clicking on their names.