Specializing in Airgun Writing, Publishing, Consulting, and Expert Witness Work.

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Dr. Robert D. Beeman

Areas of Expertise: Expert witness and consultant for airgun and gas gun (BB, pellet, dart, pellet, Soft-Air, paintball, airsoft, and tranquilizer rifles and pistols) design, performance, forensics, use and safe handling, history, marketing, packaging, and safety.

Qualifications and Experience



Expert witness on airguns since 1979. Defendant and plaintiff, civil and criminal cases.

Ph.D. degree in Science from Stanford University

Research Fellow - National Science Foundation. Selected by scientific peers.

Member and past chapter president - Sigma Xi, America’s top scientific honor society.

Lifetime Achievement Award - elected by members of National Alliance of Stocking Gun Dealers for "Extraordinary Contributions to the Shooting Industry as Father of the U.S. Adult Airgun Market." This is the shooting industry's highest award. Among the seven persons who have previously received this award are John Browning, William Ruger, Messrs. Smith & Wesson, and Roy Weatherby.

Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence - Elected from within the US gun industry leaders for leadership in airgun developments.

Founder and President of Beeman Precision Arms, Inc. (22 years) - America's largest importer and distributor of precision adult airguns, airgun projectiles, and accessories. (Winner of six American Firearms Industry awards for airgun marketing and product development - as of our retirement, this was more than any other sporting goods company.)

Chief Executive Officer and Airgun Editor (18 years) - Davkan Associates Advertising (Exclusively airgun promotion, copy, advertising, and catalog production).

Owner and President (22 years)- Beeman Outdoor Sports - the largest shooting sports store  in California north of San Francisco. America's largest airgunsmithing center.

Owner and President (since 1979) – Airgun Information International – exclusively airgun services: expert witness work, consulting, research, writing, and publishing.

Chief Consultant - Beeman Precision Airguns (5 years) - Division of S/R Industries. (After our sale of this company to S/R Industries.)

Consultant - numerous airgun designs, airgun products, and airgun marketing plans.

Editor-in-Chief (22 years)- Beeman Precision Airgun Guide - recognized worldwide as the definitive guide to adult airguns.

Publisher and Chief Editor (5 years) - Airgun Journal

Editor and Webmaster - Beeman Airgun Website:

Contributing EditorAirgunner magazine,  Blue Book of Gun Values (Airgun section for 22 editions).

Co-Editor and Section Author - First Edition of Blue Book of Airguns, 2001.

Senior Author - Second, Third, and Fourth  Editions of Blue Book of Airguns. 2002, 2003, 2004. The leading international guide to the airguns of the world plus technical and historical articles.

Editor and Author - Airgun Digest- A key reference work on airguns, 256 pp. Emphasis on modern airguns with sections on safety, history, field use, target shooting, design, marketing, safety, etc..

Airgun Editor and Airgun Series Author (3 years) - Alliance Voice - Newsletter of the American Alliance of Stocking Gun Dealers.

Contributing Author - Airgun Letter, Airgun Revue, U.S. Airgun, Visier (Europe's leading gun journal), Airgun World, Airgun Journal, Airgun News, American Airgunner, Guns Illustrated, Airgun Digest (editions 1,2, and 3), Airgun Illustrated, Women and Guns, National Rifle Association airgun guide, U.S. Airgun, Beeman Precision Airgun Guide, Blue Book of Airguns, etc.

Author of a wide variety of airgun and scientific articles.

Author of over 200 technical bulletins on airguns, airgun projectiles, airgun sights, airgun shooting, and accessories - covering instructions, care and maintenance, repairs, parts, and safety. Includes published articles on gravity feed magazines, loaded chamber, magazine and charge indicators, automatic vs. manual safeties, etc..

Author and Consultant for the airgun sections of annual editions of Gun Digest, Guns Illustrated, Guns and Ammo Annual, Guns Annual Book of Rifles and Pistols, Blue Book of Gun Values, Blue Book of Airguns.

National Rifle Association Airgun Safety Writing Task Force - by invitation of the National Rifle Association and the Non-Powder Gun Products Committee.

Co-author of The Basics of Air Rifle Shooting book which became the definitive airgun training guide for all National Rifle Association instructors and shooting students. Emphasis on young airgun shooters.

Originator and design consultant for several of the world's finest airguns, airgun projectiles, airgun sights, and airgun accessories. Key feature designer for several air rifles, air pistols and airgun projectiles.

Designer and technical writer for many airgun, airgun accessory, and airgun projectile packages, owner's manuals, repair manuals, parts diagrams, warning tags and airgun product enclosures.

Airgun Consultant to many U.S. law enforcement agencies, Legislature of the State of California, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and numerous airgun designers and makers.

American Society of Testing and Materials Task Force F15.06 on Safety Standards for Non-Powder Guns and Projectiles, Member (25 years, the longest tenure) - -This task force is a select group of U.S. airgun manufacturers, importers, and consumers which developed and refined the "Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Powder Guns" and the “Consumer Safety Specifications for Non -Powder Gun Projectiles and Propellants”, for the Consumer Products Safety Commission of the U.S. Government.

Airgun Forensics Workshop - Organizer and Main Speaker (by invitation). Northwestern Association of Forensic Scientists.

Non-Powder Gun Products Committee - Vice President (three terms) and longest term member (24 years), the key organization in the U.S. airgun industry for airgun legal, safety, marketing, marking, packaging, and warning matters.

Airgun Committee of the National Rifle Association Member (12 years) - Members appointed by the President of the NRA.

California Rifle and Pistol Association Airgun Committee. Elected member (4 years)

American Airgun Association. Charter member.

North American Airgunners Association – Charter Member.

National Rifle Association - Life Member.

Range Master (3 Years )- Lafayette Rifle and Pistol Club. Shooting and gun safety instruction and supervision.

Owner of the world's largest collection of vintage, modern and antique airguns (BB to large bore airguns). This has involved a great deal of international research and direct study of airgun mechanisms and design.

In-house factory training on the operation and repair of airguns at these leading airgun factories: Westinger & Altenburger (Feinwerkbau), Mayer & Grammelspacher (Dianawerk),  H. W. Weihrauch Company , Webley & Scott , Norica .

Studies of airgun designs in these world leading gun collections: Beeman Airgun Collection, Royal Danish Arsenal Museum, Tower of London, Virginia Military Institute, Smithsonian Institute, U.S. National Firearms Museum, Fort Clatsop Museum, German National Museum, Military Museum of Turkey, Kopenhagen Tøjhusmuseum, Milwaukee Public Museum, Zurich Landmuseum, Bern Historical Museum, Solthurn Zueghaus, Deutsch Jagdmuseum - Munich, Jagdmuseum Kranichstein - Darmstadt, Waffensammmlung des Kunsthistorischen Museum – Wien, Staatliches Museum – Schwerin, Victoria and Albert Museum – London, and several other important gun collections throughout the world. Conferences on airguns were held with the curators of these museums. Most of these studies included disassembly, photography, and design study of museum specimens of airguns.

Airgun repair, servicing and experimentation - Direct experience, for five years, in the Beeman Precision Airguns  shop before my airgun corporation had grown large enough to hire several experienced gunsmiths. Twenty two years of supervision and direct involvement with airgun repairs and renovation. Fifty years of airgun testing and experimentation.

Airgun Witness to California State Senate Judicial Committee, California House Public Safety Committee, and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Numerous conferences with political leaders concerning airgun marketing, safety, and legislation.

Invited expert on gun issues on public radio and newspapers.

Airgun and firearm shooter - Active experience since 1940.

Experience (50+ years) - teaching about guns and gun safety.

Child and adolescent psychology training - University training (4 years), graduate and undergraduate.

Instructor and counselor of youth as a High School and Junior College teacher and University Professor and Department Chairman.

Youth camp counselor and instructor - 2 years.

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