Toshiko's Art

September 25, 2009

Toshiko Beeman's art work includes most of her life. She earned her art degree at San Francisco State University and has taught art to a wide range of students. Her media have included pottery, oil, watercolors, colored pencil, Washi paper, crafts, and photography. Her work appears in art collections in the United States, England, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Australia, and other countries.  She has earned a wide variety of art prizes. Although they overlap in the photographic medium, the art perspectives of Robert and Tosh are so different that they only compliment one another and never compete.

As with Robert's Art web page, Tosh's Art web page will only sample her work. Please note that we must collect 7.5% state sales tax for sales made to California addresses. If you want to know if something is still available, just drop us an email note.  See Contact Us.

This section will display various items at various times. Please check back at intervals.


Japanese Miharu Wooden Horses, handcrafted, handpainted, and signed by Toshiko Beeman, about 7.5" tall w/ tassels, $45 each.

Tosh's Art Gallery:

Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger view. Prices listed in U.S. Dollars plus a Shipping/Handling Fee. Minimum shipping/handling is $3.00). Add 1% additional for insurance. Shipments to California addresses, please add 7.5% California Sales Tax.

Bowl of Washi Eggs

To prepare these amazing works of art, each egg must be cleaned, blown out, and then painsakingly covered with washi paper from Japan. The paper is so carefully stretched and matched that the paper edges are virtually invisible. No two are ever the same. See individual egg pictures for pricing. State your color preferences or let the artist, Toshiko Beeman, select good combinations.

Japanese Washi Eggs

Close-up view of three eggs. Of course, these are only samples; every individual egg's design is different. $7.50 each or 6 for $30

Large Washi Eggs

Duck eggs make even more impressive specimens when given the Japanese Washi paper treatment. Washi eggs are surprisingly tough and wonderfully beautiful. $10 each or 3 for $25 (add $1 S/H for each Washi egg of either size).

Washi Eggs

Comparison of washi covered chicken eggs vs. duck eggs. See prices in other pictures. Be sure to add $1 per each for S/H. California addresses must add 7.5% sales tax.

Daruma Good Luck Eggs

Good luck eggs made to honor the Buddhist priest Daruma. See the "Good Luck for Wishes"note below which briefly explains the Daruma concept. Each egg is individually crafted and hand painted by Toshiko Beeman. No two exactly alike. With gold braid loops for hanging. $2.50 each or 6 for $12. Add $1 per egg for S/H.

Framed Daruma Good Luck Piece

Handcrafted, handpainted, and beautifully framed by Toshiko Beeman. About 6" (15 cm) tall. $20 + 2.50 S/H.

Tort-hare lapel pins.

Clever combined image of the tortoise and the hare. You can see it either way! Hand painted and hand crafted by Toshiko Beeman. Wood with clothing pin on back. About 2.3" (6cm). $20 + $1.

Sweet Pea

Colored pencil drawing by Toshiko Beeman of a lovely green-eyed cat from the neighbor's vinyard. Framed under glass by Toshiko. About 18" x 24". $270 + $25.


Oil painting by Toshiko Beeman. Framed by the artist. About 16" x 20". $650 + $25.


Oil painting by Toshiko Beeman. Framed by the artist. About 16" x 20". $500 + $25.



Good Luck for Wishes !

The Daruma Good Luck Charms are favorites among the Japanese who buy them with hopes of good luck in the next season. Daruma is a common name for the Indian priest, Bodhidharma, who introduced Buddhism to Japan from India. After he sat in silent meditation for ten years, losing the use of his arms and legs, he continued to teach and do good deeds. Thus the Daruma really represents perseverance and great determination - Buddhism teaches that these traits are the basis of good luck.

The Daruma’s eyes have been left blank. When you make a wish, draw or put in one of the eyes. Add the other eye when your wish comes true!